The Right Experts for your Products' Quality

The highest level of test automation and quality assurance can only be reached by pooling different areas of expertise and synchronizing them in every solution.

Below are the areas of expertise we consider most important:

Internal Software Development

From the very start of Ziemann & Urban, its separate and ever-growing software department has developed proprietary software for control technology, measurement technology and image processing. This is the only way of ensuring a perfect customized realization of our clients' strict requirements.

From Precision Engineering to Mechanical Engineering

Multiple skills are embodied in our solutions: In addition to software development, precision engineering plays just as important a role as the complete range of classic mechanical engineering.

Intelligent Combination of different Measurement Techniques

If you expect not only optical but electrical, sensor-based, acoustic and tactile quality control, Ziemann & Urban is the right choice.

The ability to measure, inspect, document and visualize different physical parameters with the various techniques needed and to do so in ONE solution is one of the core competencies of Ziemann & Urban.

Service and Support

We are aware of the sensitive position our solutions fill in your production process. Hence we offer you remote servicing and on-site maintenance – fast, flexible and reliable.

07.11.2017: Perfect Ambiance
Case Study of our systems inspecting car door panels

01.09.2017: Jobs 
@Ziemann & Urban

If you are interested new job opportunities please see our vacancies

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