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Control Technology by Ziemann & Urban

In order to create test and production procedures on a complete machine you need a software solution that allows you to respond flexibly to customer specifications.

Early on Ziemann & Urban recognized that the standard applications available were not able to meet these needs: Proprietary, powerful measurement technology software and in particular further developments of it, are amongst our core competencies.

The most important benefits for you:

  • Control of the test process
  • Communication with superordinate controllers via all common protocols and interfaces (field bus)
  • Service menu with extensive diagnosis/test modes
  • Optional storage of measured values on the customer server or in databases

Learn more about the technical features:

Module ZU-COM© 2013 Ziemann & Urban 85452 Moosinning

  • EtherCAT Master Module for communication with physical inputs/ outputs as well as external system control (PLC)
  • communication layer between our own (e.g. ZVIS) and external systems (with TCP/ IP, Pipe TCP/IP)
    - PLC protocol with fixed or dynamic size
    - simple string based protocol
  • communication with self designed hardware over PCI Cards
    - I/O over USB or PCI card
    - 8x PCI stepper motor controller
    - light controller
    - triggercontroller for cameras
    - intelligent user access controller (wired or non-wired)
  • communication with EtherCAT Modules of different suppliers
    - I/O modules
    - stepper motor modules
    - servo motor modules & drivers
    - analog I/Os
    - fieldbus modules
  • interface to external system control (PLC) via
    - Bit I/O (24V DC PLC I/Os)
    - LIN Bus, CAN, RS232, USB
    - All  established field busses (ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, DeviceNET,...)
  • Diagnosis/ Testmode

Modul ZU-CONTROL© 2013 Ziemann & Urban 85452 Moosinning

  • Software module for creation of test- / machine sequences
  • script language (similar to PLC sequences) to accomplish measurement sequences
  • graphical user inferface (GUI) with optional touch screen
  • user guidance for manual or automatic measurement and assembly systems
  • configurable labelprinter for barcode and DMC
  • clearly arranged display of all inputs/ outputs in service menues

07.11.2017: Perfect Ambiance
Case Study of our systems inspecting car door panels

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