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Top Quality due to Proprietary Image Processing Systems

For decades a finely-tuned team of employed and freelance software specialists has worked in our department for software development under the guidance of one of the company's founding partners, Mr. Ziemann.

This extensive software know-how coupled with knowledge of our clients' processes produces exceptionally efficient solutions that cannot be achieved with standard products.For example, for over 20 years we have been developing our own image processing systems which are being used to great success in all kinds of environments.

First based on MS-DOS, then Windows XP and today Windows 7 (64-bit), the third generation of our ZVIS64 image processing software constitutes a milestone for us and our clients. The software is split into specific modules focusing on different applications, making possible a level of flexibility never before even dreamed of.

The most important benefits for you:

  • Wide range of proven functions/tools for virtually all requirements of industrial image processing
  • Many options for statistical assessment and data storage/data output (everything that is tested/measured in image processing can be output externally)
  • Freely programmable test processes in easy to operate Windows interface
  • Offline programming with stored images possible at the same time as production

Learn more about the technical features:

Module ZU-Vision© 2013 Ziemann & Urban 85452 Moosinning

  • improved system based on ZVIS4300
  • operating system Windows7 (64-bit)
  • 64-bit adress space for handling of large image and data volume (e.g. for line scan cameras or applications with large resolutions or real time/ high speed applications)
  • possibility to integrate second source vision libraries for special applications (e.g. string reader, OCR, OCV, DMC, Barcode, geometric model finder). 
    As there is a number of well-engineered libraries from known suppliers (matrox, cognex), we can integrate these libraries in our software.
  • large amount of tools for all applications of industrial vision inspection. In contrast to many competitors we do not deliver ready made (and closed) applications with non or only few options to adaptions (e.g. modification of tolerances). Our customers receive the complete range of tools and (comprehension and training assumed) are able to adjust and adopt their test applications.
  • Clear separation of programming/ teaching mode and production/ testing mode
  • integrated user administration with several levels
  • design of own user interfaces possible. The user can define which parameters can be modified during production.
  • automatic image saving of good/ bad tested parts. Possibility to evaluate and adjust test programs with saved images (offline mode)
  • comprehensive options for data import and export. Results and measurement values can be stored on local hard disc for future statistic analysis or data traceability
  • usage of (customer specific) databases possible (e.g. SQL connection as standard tool implemented, others at customers’ option)
  • separated scaling/ calibration process
  • scaling/ calibration stored in external file – important for customers that check/ measure a diversity of parts and types with the same cameras

07.11.2017: Perfect Ambiance
Case Study of our systems inspecting car door panels

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