Our Aim for the Medical Technology Industry:
More Innovations for Improved Quality and Health

Perfect Quality Check of Production Stages and Products

The medical technology sector has an excellent reputation for its ability to innovate and its large product ranges. We therefore need to continually develop our solutions to satisfy the sector's ever more stringent requirements. This includes, for example, ensuring the traceability of the entire production process in accordance with the strict requirements of the FDA etc.

Not just Clean, but Immaculate…

Satisfying the requirements of medical technology companies in the particle free micro clean room of a machine requires completely different concepts and designs from those in say measurement systems for the automotive industry. Our years of knowledge of this industry and close collaboration with system manufacturers working in the medical technology industry guarantee high-quality solutions.

Our MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Expertise at a Glance:

  • Quality control
  • Production control
  • 100% checking for single-use products with very high quality requirements in the medical sector
  • Cavity-oriented analysis of results for detecting wear on the molding tool
  • Image processing-supported assembly of biological diagnostic reaction bins
  • 100% check for well strips
  • 100% check for microplates with up to 1596 cavities
  • 100% check of pipettes, cannulas and dental tools
  • Detailed visualization and statistical evaluation (conformity with ISO, FDA, GMP and GAMP)

07.11.2017: Perfect Ambiance
Case Study of our systems inspecting car door panels

01.09.2017: Jobs 
@Ziemann & Urban

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