Mighty but not Small:
Prospects for the German Semiconductor Industry

The Roots of Ziemann & Urban

Before founding the company, the owners worked in the semiconductor industry and the experience they gained there is built into solutions for this sector. Even though rapid development of the global semiconductor industry has radically altered the market, we still believe that there are plenty of opportunities for semiconductors made in Germany and we provide high-quality products and solutions, especially for assembly. These cover quality assurance, pressure inspection, lead inspection, positioning, electrical tests and much more.

The "Flexible Chip Mounter" from Z&U for Small Series and Laboratories

As well as solutions for special processes such as optical inspection and measurement of semiconductor chips before and during a pick & place process, we also provide standard solutions. For example, the “Flexible Chip Mounter” (FCM 4080) which has long been a tried and tested solution for a wide range of customers in the semiconductor industry. The FCM is an efficient, robust, flexible and low-cost alternative for companies with small to mid-sized production volumes.

Our SEMICONDUCTOR Expertise at a Glance:

  • Pick & place processes for semiconductor chips and SMD components
  • Dispensing and sealing processes for semiconductor assembly
  • Systems for checking quality and measurement on semiconductor chips and wafers
  • Optical and electrical classification of semiconductor chips in the wafer
  • Reel-to-reel component inspection in the blister tape
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Alignment of components using image processing for subsequent processing
  • Bond pad checks for damage and dirt
  • Gluing and aligning performance electronics including application of adhesive
  • Assembly equipment with position corrections

07.11.2017: Perfect Ambiance
Case Study of our systems inspecting car door panels

01.09.2017: Jobs 
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